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Other Services


Whether the nature of your business calls for constant expediting or you simply have a last minute shipment, Trans-Commercial Logistics can help arrange straight through non-stop, door-to-door delivery. Our expedited team and team drivers are ready at your request to make sure your product gets deliver on time, every time.

Fairs & Exhibitions/Trade Show Shipments

Trans-Commercial Logistics can handle the deliveries and returns of Trade Show materials to its owner and exhibitor in a timely fashion. If you are participating at a trade show, our expertise in handling Fairs and Exhibitions is your guaranteed success. Our people are located at all major ports, airports, and trade show sites, to work hand-in-hand with show organizers. We are equipped to provide all necessary logistics services so that you can relax and concentrate on the more important thing, the show itself.

Warehousing/Transloading & Distribution

If your business requires storage or cross-docking, we can help. We work with local warehousing in your city across North America to store and manage your freight safe and secure. In addition, we also offer local distribution so you don’t have to worry about local delivery.