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Multi-modal Capability

Our multi-modal service capability allows our customers to make one phone call for all their logistics needs.

Instant Quotation

We provide instant quotation when you call us. You will get a live Sales Representative and will not be directed to any voicemail.

Accurate local market pricing

Since we work with thousands of carriers on a daily basis that span across all regions of North America, we are able to get accurate local market pricing and allocate equipment to meet your needs.

Up to date market conditions

By communicating with our staff, you will be well informed with any immediate changes in the market as they happen. Thus, giving you superior control of your pricing and logistics planning.

Pricing Stability

We work with many loyal carriers to stabilize pricing and capacity commitment. This is especially important during times of peak demands and tight capacity.

Peace of Mind

We take total responsibility for your freight when we accept the order. All duties are performed by us until your load is delivered in good order, including claim handling if it occurs.

Technological Advantage

Our spending on continuous upgrade in our technology means you don’t have to. You can utilize our resources such as tracking and tracing, reporting, and our TMC functions, without having to contribute to the cost. Leave it to us to be an extension of your traffic department.